Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Next Generation

Huffington Post has an interesting article about Jonathan Krohn, conservative wunderkind. He’s the 13 year old author of Define Conservatism “and political prodigy voted "Atlanta's Most Talented Child" in 2006…” With his high pitched pre-pubescent voice, constant waving hands and unmitigated enthusiasm he’s more fun to watch and listen to than the repetitive aging politicians and mean spirited radio talking heads.

Where did this kid get his conservative ideology? Ahh…talk radio. My interest goes down just a notch. Would this man child be espousing democratic principles if he had listened to a more progressive radio show rather than Bill Bennett?

He did hone in on principles vs policy something his seniors hadn’t figured out so far. According to Jonathan the Republican party has lost sight of its principles, which he called the “shell” to conservatism’s “filling”. That was a quite a perfect metaphor I thought.

As for his choices for president? Krohn would love to see Newt Gingrich although he thinks “'s impossible to see him up there. I don't see him doing it.” He’d "love Sarah Palin"...SCREEEECHHH!!!

My interest suddenly skidded to the left.

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