Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Republican Poem

please conform
to the reality of straight lines,
forget action words
and bent over spines,
erect lofty letters,
connect all loose dots,
be tidy in thought...
don’t play with the plot,
choose expletives wisely,
erase please, the hint
of you on that page,
tread softly in print,
be precise in each vowel,
let consonants grow,
grammar diagrammed
verbs in a row,
threadbare thesaurus
tired from use,
bent pages worn
repetitious abuse,
let’s not get creative,
there’s no need to stray
from puritan script,
just throw it away,
forget the flowers,
don’t bother with seeds,
let your mind wither,
kill every weed,
proper syntax aside,
have we made it clear?
we have no need
for one single idea.

© 2004 #1-1 taf

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Saturday

I'd never believe that anyone could write a whole book about oranges. But John McPhee did. Crazy things that you find when you Twitter and follow link after link. The internet is such a wonderful place. How did we ever function without it?

I remember things like typewriters and ditto paper and pencils and erasers. I recently attended a class where I had to hand write everythng and use my eraser more often than not. It was hell.

Not only was it hell from a writing perspective, it was hell being sick in a strange city and being all alone and having to go to a class and take a test when you weren't even sure you could walk from point A to point B without keeling over. I shall remember that otherwise uneventful trip forever. And I'll think twice before I ever go again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Media

The media shapes public opinion and every move, every nuance, ever hand gesture is interpreted for us by the press, by the nightly news, by the biased cable network shows and by the satirical programs shown late at night when the children are asleep.

You can pretty much predict how a person will vote in an election by the news shows he/she watches. Unlike many though, I watch them all, or at least many and assorted. You’ve heard, no doubt, of the “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer” premise. That’s why I give Rush Limbaugh some begrudged attention during lunch. More times than not I must change the station before I lose my temper or more frankly, barf. This guy has to be the rudest, loudest, most disgusting voice on the radio. I’m truly amazed that anyone would openly admit to believing his pompous rhetoric, often lies, exaggerations, opinions as truth, let alone repeating it. I can pretty much tell who listens to this drivel. When discussing politics they use his words, not their own, hence, I suppose the term “dittoheads.”

The power of the media is truly remarkable. They hold the voters, or at least the majority of us, in the range of their microphones. I wonder how many bother to fact check what they’re hearing.
Why are Republicans so afraid of Limbaugh? Votes and/or support from their base I presume, yes, but is there some other underlying reason? That being said, I can’t help but wonder why anyone would cast a vote for a politician who doesn’t have the fortitude to stand by their beliefs.

To be continued…………….