Friday, November 27, 2009

The Right Wing Literally Makes Me Sick

I just read the  9/11 denial by Perino and Hannity and it makes me furious.  This is just one raving example of the right wing's constant revision of history.  Why aren't more people angered by this garbage?  There have been no terrorist attacks during Bush's presidency?   Do these two clowns expect people to believe that 9/11/01 doesn't count?  Ask the widows and widowers, the brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, and friends of those still grieving over the loss of their loved ones.

How can Sean Hannity and his guest(s) get away with saying ridiculous statements such as this?  They do it and this is how The Media Can Legally Lie.  It infuriates me.  It really does.  Why isn't there a law to put a stop to this kind of blatant lying? 

There are people who watch nothing else but Fox.  This is where they get their information and the information that they're fed is purely self serving idiology.  It sways votes during elections.  It cultivates fear filled victims who often protest and vote against their own best interests as shown by the slew of tea parties promoted by Conservative and Republican leaders and especially Fox.

So the right continually lies about everything from no terrorist attacks on Bush's watch, the stimulus NOT working, the health care bill killing grandma and on and on and on.  Their followers believe them.  If the silent majority continues to let it happen it could eventually kill this great nation.  They must pay attention and  muster enough intellectual strength to change the channel.

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  1. The trouble with so much information being readily available - in itself a good thing - is that we are inundated with misinformation. We used to have a phrase, 'Don't believe everything you read in the papers'. Everyone knows that newspaper journalists bend the truth, exaggerate, and misrepresent. The same is true of the internet, but that reaches far more people, and, sadly, not everyone seems able to think for themselves. It's a worry. The potential for propaganda is huge. We need to channel our frustration into teaching youngsters to think about what they read. Really think.
    Leigh Russell of the Curzon Group (latest post 15th December)