Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random Saturday

I recently read a blog on how to blog. I've read so many that I don't recall which one it was but I do remember some of the advice. You're not supposed to use big words and try to sound smart. Apparently we're already smart or we wouldn't be blogging. I'm not sure that I agree fully with that assessment and if I did would that make me pretentious? (Is that word too big? Will I become self conscious now about how many letters per word I'm writing?)

The second piece of advice had something to do with just make it interesting for people to read. Easier said than done if you ask me. Here I am on a "random Saturday" just writing away with no plan or agenda in mind. How interesting is that?

I did notice in my limited entries that I never did state why I'm doing this in the first place. So maybe I'll explain my intentions. That might be slightly difficult since my intentions change with various types of posts.

As you may have noticed I do like to write so this is a nice little outlet for that penchant. "Through My Eyes" really is my intention; to state what I'm thinking about sundry pieces of the pie world. I'm interested and appalled by politics and, of course, I have my own view. I thought, in that respect I would just give my little singular opinion as I see it or in other words how this political climate is seen through the eyes of an ordinary citizen. Warning, I'm a lefty. Not just because, but because the right hearted conservatives are not the people I agree with on most matters; plus they lie a lot...I tend to fact check almost everything. I don't like liars. I don't like greedy, self serving liars in particular. Religious fanatics is anothe topic.

Back to random Saturday then. I was ecstatic this morning at 4 a.m. when I finally found all my tax papers. I panicked yesterday when I couldn't find them and had been searching almost non-stop for two days. This forced me to practically chain smoke my way through the ordeal. I finally found them in a folder where I never put them but did so because I wanted to ensure that I'd know where they were this year. So much for being organized. Being organized has been a life long dream of mine, one that is always just out of reach. I realized as I was searching that if I put all the loose papers and crap in one big pile it would be taller than I am. I'm only 5'3" but that's still a mightly high pile. I'm a professed packrat and a bit of a perfectionist believe it or not. That's a ridiculous combination of characteristics really. It compounds the angst everytime I fail to find what I'm looking for, everytime I pay a bill late because I either forgot it or can't find it, etc. etc. etc. You get the picture.

The bright side of this all about me saga is that in my quest to find my tax papers I cleaned, sorted, shredded, filed every scrap of paper in my office area. (Purveying my sparkling desk and bookcases with much pride, however misplaced.) Good grief, not missplaced but rather accidental. That would be more appropriate.

So for now this is my entry until I get either a penchant or a passion for the next. :)

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