Sunday, April 19, 2009

Teabags and Strings

There is no doubt now that the April 15th Tea Parties were the brain step child of the Republican Party. To boost the event(s) and pull people into the parks and streets, Fox News talked them up and sent their conservative “news” commentators to them. Sure people are angry, upset and fearful of spending but from all that I’ve heard and read about these Tea Parties, there were many different reasons for people to be there.

Just like the Republican Party, the teabaggers couldn’t even agree on what they were protesting. Some were protesting taxes, some the deficit spending, and others simply Barack Obama and whatever he did. There were those who questioned his birth certificate, those who wanted their country back from the socialist abyss and some who seemed terrified of the threat of fascism, Marxism, communism or terrorism. You name it, that’s what we all need to fear.

Now it seems to me that the Republicans are simply looking for a way back into the political arena. Obviously they jumped the shark at the last election. The lies and dirty campaigning tactics on top of eight years of disaster were too much for Americans. Republican votes consisted of hard line straight ticket voters, right wing religious fanatics, Fox News watchers and racists. A good portion of their votes as usual were based on fear. And now they’ve since lost and because they lost they’re only recourse is more name calling and more fear.

The Republicans have become the party of no, the party of constant criticism and the party of inspiring revolution. President Obama has remarkable support and still an approval rating in the high 60’s. I think the Republicans are the ones drowning in fear themselves. They’re afraid of losing their power, afraid of change and afraid of taking any steps beyond the same old beliefs, rhetoric and platforms they’ve always stood on. They depend on their narrow minded base which is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Democrats have had three short months to try to get us moving in the right direction. I say let them show what they can do. But unfortunately Americans aren’t a patient people. They want improved infrastructure, adequate health care, freedom from foreign oil, the best educated people in the world, yet they complain about taxes? Even worse, they complain about taxes when they’ve been given a tax cut!

President Obama is trying to give us what we asked for, what we voted for. I say let’s give him a chance to do that.

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