Sunday, May 3, 2009

What about......

What about Texas?

Will Texas secede? I say, what a great idea! Let them. It means one less state to bail out. I’m sure that will more than make up for the taxes that are lost. It means two less senators whining and more material for Bill Maher. It means no more Texas presidents and a little less political twang. Yes, I say let them.

What about torture?

Shall we prosecute President Bush and Vice President Cheney for torturing prisoners? If we do, will we be exposing possible information that might harm the United States while we’re still at war? Will we be giving too much information to the world at large? If we don’t prosecute, then what do we do? Do we simply ignore the obvious illegal acts performed under the guise of keeping America safe? And if we don’t prosecute the former President and Vice President, and we give the CIA a pass on the past, then how can we keep those soldiers who we now know were following orders from the top, imprisoned? It’s truly a complicated no win situation. Damn the Bush administration for creating such a horrible dilemma.

What about Joe Biden?

The Republicans and late night tv hosts can make all the jokes they want to about Joe Biden. He’s a serious mind when it comes to foreign policy and he has some pretty important tasks ahead of him. He’s overseeing billions in stimulus money, leading a WH task force on the middle class and he delivered the administration’s first major foreign policy speech in Munich. I like and respect the man and I believe he was the perfect pick for Obama’s VP.

What about socialism?

The United States has always had a mixed economy. Most people simply just don’t get it. They may be afraid of socialism but they’re certainly not afraid of social security or medicare or food stamps, welfare, or public housing, public schools and public libraries, fire departments, police departments. The list is endless. The Conservatives and Republicans are using fear of socialism to undermine President Obama and promote distrust and anxiety among voters. It’s simply a constant hammering by radio heads and politicians so that come 2010 they win a few seats in the Senate and then further down the road they have at least a wing and a prayer for the 2012 presidential election. It’s not socialism we need to fear, it’s politicians.

To Be Continued

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  1. i'm a socialist, and obama is no socialist! that kind of talk is symptomatic of being out of touch with reality...if it was just a few folks, we'd say they were schizy, but there's millions of them and so we end up calling them "republicans"....the problem is that this kind of personality often gets violent when its delusions are threatened, as we have seen in the news lately....