Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enhanced Bullshit

Off the cuff:

I’m thoroughly disgusted by what’s happening to Americans. Almost half the country apparently thinks that torture is justified under a variety of circumstances. The circumstances that I see are personal fear, fear of dying, fear of their own pain, fear regarding personal welfare and people disguise that with some kind of caring for country.

Read AlterNet’s blog regarding “How Americans Came to Support Torture in Five Steps,” “Stats show a sizable majority of Americans refuse to rule out torture entirely. This is no accident; it's the result of a mass persuasion campaign.”

Repetition, repetition, repetition courtesy of Dick Cheney and his jolly band of followers, Hannity, Beck, Coulter and Limbaugh, among the most notable/notorious.

Why are we not asking them their opinion of “enhanced interrogation” being used on Americans? Why are we not insisting on how we can justify violating the Geneva Convention? Why not ask them if they truly believe that any country has the right then…to torture? What if Hannity took a trip to Iraq and was captured? The United States would stand by and let him be quizzed using methods of "enhanced interrogation?" I guess so, under this new (apparently not so new) policy they would have us embrace.

Not only do they use repetition and mass persuasion but they also are now trying to drag the Democrats into it. They’re pointing all fingers and toes at them. To think that the GOP had the reins for eight years is a hideous thought in retrospect. They’ve not only managed to monitor the entire country with wire taps and powers of domestic invasion but they’ve thrown our principles out the window and succeeded in driving every facet of American existence into chaos and failure. And yet, there are those who still believe in this party and its (intentional?) misguided policies.

So then, America no longer wears the white hat.

America stopped being free the moment the first wire tap was installed, the moment the first blow and/or drop of water washed over a detainees face. Rights were only for those who deserved them, as dictated by the government. There is nothing free about that no matter how much they yell “SAFE, SAFE SAFE…WE’VE KEPT YOU SAFE.” But, in essence, we are not safe if we, the people, allow such a dictatorship to ever again not only disregard laws but totally disregard principles, right from wrong and the freedoms we’ve always enjoyed in this country.

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